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Ep. 81: Troublesome Threats and Family Frets (Riven, the Shattered Continent)

The team makes their way through Aetherport while being followed. After confronting the ruffians, they make their way to the Ironjaw family shop to see Trevor's father.

Ep. 80: Leylines' Looping Lecture (Riven, the Shattered Continent)

The team meets the Ley Lines. Face to....lights. After some circular speaking, they wake....below decks and the storm has passed.

Ep. 79: Worrisome Whispers on the Wind (Riven, the Shattered Continent)

The team goes about doing their own thing while aboard the Brava. Trevor and Phil take in the sights while Harcos pulls his weight below decks.

Under the Trench Coat (May Riven Tales)

FREEBIE!!! This week we take a peak behind the trench coat from the last month of content! We talk about the four Riven Tales that we released while we were on our break.

Before Your Eyes

Welcome back to Riven Tales, our background world building series! In this edition of Riven Tales we hear Trevor as he recounts his life leading up to....the moment.

Vigilance and Virtue

Welcome back to Riven Tales, our background world building series! In this edition of Riven Tales we hear the early days of Joriq leading up to the Iron's Edge call for aid.

Family Breakfast

Welcome back to Riven Tales, our background world building series! In this edition of Riven Tales we hear Glen going through his daily routine while he gets ready for work in the mines.

Puffles and the Road to Nowhere

Welcome back to Riven Tales, our background world building series! In this edition of Riven Tales we hear Puffles' story leading up to his arrival at Iron's Edge.

Ep. 78: Setting Sail. Aetherport Awaits. (Riven, the Shattered Continent)

Memories are regained. Talks are had. More schisms feel to be forming. But Aetherport is on the horizon.

Heroes: Issue #15: Familiar Faces in Strange Places (The New Breed)

Deep within the bowels of New Ethis, our heroes patrol a hidden base full of suits and powered people. As they push deeper and deeper, they see something unbelievable on a security monitor.

Ep. 77: Divinia Divulges Draconic Details (Riven, the Shattered Continent)

The team has some tense talks with Divinia. Trevor learns secrets he might wish he hadn't. Harcos has new choices to make.

Ep. 76: Tactfully Talking With Torovir (Riven, the Shattered Continent)

The B-team hovers high in the sky, staring at yet another Methuselah. Harcos and Trevor attempt to reason with "The Storm That Brings Dread".

Ep. 75: Something Sinister Stirs Within the Storm (Riven, the Shattered Continent)

We open with Harcos getting all choked up. Then the guest opens up a window for the team to let in a breeze.

The Owl From O'Caido

Welcome back to Riven Tales, our background world building series! In this edition of Riven Tales Harcos recounts his final hours leading up to the first ever episode of Riven. It's not a fun story, but one he wants you to hear. Hooty hoo friends.

Ep. 74: Captain Kirby Collects Coins (Riven, the Shattered Continent)

Our trio finally get back to the surface and begin to head back to Aramore. They are looking to find passage to Aetherport.

Heroes: The Shattered Breed (April Fool's '21)

Our heroes, Trevor and Harcos, deal with their newly found powers as they attempt to escape the clutches of the suits. Will they make it out of the facility?

Heroes: Issue #14: Secrets Beneath New Ethis (The New Breed)

Our daring duo....and newly acquired pup....begin to explore the depths of New Ethis in search of Principal Jenn. But, being as it's our two rookie heroes, they cause much more racket than they would like.

Ep. 73: Layna? Lead?? Ludacris or Legendary??? (Riven, the Shattered Continent)

Our guys discuss who should lead Seleana's clan now that Salia has passed. Once that decision is made they finally take a much needed rest.

Ep. 72.5: Riven Rewind: The Shattering (Riven, the Shattered Continent)

Time rewinds for our dynamic duo. They experience many, many things.

Ep. 72: Fixing Frayed Friendships (Riven, the Shattered Continent)

Harcos goes and confronts Iakor. Mano a Mano. Threats are made. Boundaries tested. Meanwhile, Trevor visits with Celeana.

Ep. 71: Tenuous Talks Between B-Team Boys (Riven, the Shattered Continent)

The team address the wall...or lack thereof...and go to see what has happened with Iakor now that the wall is gone.

Heroes: Issue #13: Don't Forget to Spay and Neuter Your Pets (The New Breed)

We pick up with the hopeful heroes being toyed with in the park. As they don their "uniforms" and take off through the city streets in broad daylight, a friendly mob does shortly ensue.

Ep. 70: Skillfully Swaying Celeana Back to Civility (Riven, the Shattered Continent)

Harcos finishes setting up with the Drow while Trevor has fitful sleeps. Once he, Phil, and Puffles wake....and the time comes.

Ep. 69: Salia's Solemnity and Disaster Dreams (Riven, the Shattered Continent)

The team has time bubble discussions with the recently deceased leader of Celeana's Clan. Shortly after the talks conclude, sleep beckons.

Ep. 68: Veldryth Vehemently Vies for Victory (Riven, the Shattered Continent)

As Veldryth takes aim, our brave B-Team boys do their best to hold him off and push him back. Will Trevor be able to keep a level head despite seeing an enemy from his past?

Ep. 67: Brazenly Boastful Borvinsal (Riven, the Shattered Continent)

Discussions are had with the head elder. She seems less than helpful, only to close out the talks with a shockingly explosive end.

Ep. 66: Avoiding Arrows in the Abyss (Riven, the Shattered Continent)

Our team deals with the arrow ambush and presses forward into the Elder Sanctum. They investigate some bedrooms and encounter some odd details within.

Heroes: Issue #12: Super Relations Are Super Hard (The New Breed)

The guys wake to a jarring phone call that spurs them into action. After a breather, they reassess and take the day to plan things out effectively.

Ep. 65: Vicious Veldryth Volunteers (Riven, the Shattered Continent)

The team, mainly Trevor, has some discussions with Veldryth about a smattering of things. Ultimately at the end of the talks, Veldryth offers to assist with the teams current goals.

Ep. 64 Discussing Decades in the Dark (Riven, the Shattered Continent)

Trevor has some discussions with Iakor for some time before being joined by the rest of the team within the leyline. They eventually push forward and continue deeper into the underdark.

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