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Heroes: Issue #02: Arrival of the Suits (The New Breed)

In this month's issue of Heroes: The New Breed, we see the repercussions of the fan voted event, which resulted in Nate being scolded for his misuse of lab protocol. The suits do not hide their presence very well and cause some issues in New Ethis. Also, Nate and Elias both have a run in with some high tension situations that result in bursts of power. #RitGeek #audiodrama #ttrpg #podcast #roleplay #applepodcasts #GooglePlayMusic #supportindiepodcasts #actualplay #superhero #super

Some of our music used in this episode was taken from Tabletop Audio at tabletopaudio.com.

Additional sound effects came from www.zapsplat.com.

More sounds and music provided by Syrinscape:


Because Epic games need Epic game sounds

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